Robinwood Inn Policies

Robinwood Inn Policies

Check-in is 4 pm and Check out is 11am.  Unfortunately we cannot offer early check in or check out as a result of the extra cleaning and sanitation due to COVID 19.

Payments/Charges: The reservation is secured by your credit card. The full amount of the reservation will be due one week prior to the first day of your stay and can be paid by cash, personal check, credit card or traveler's check. We charge the remaining balance a week before your stay and we use the credit card you had on file unless other arrangements have been made.  TAXES: There is a 5% CountyTax and a 7% sales tax equal to 12% and applies to all guest stays.

CANCELLATIONS: All deposits in the month of October are non-refundable. 

There is a $25 cancellation fee to cover our cost for credit card processing.  If our processing fees exceed $25, guests will be charged the entire cost of the processing for both the deposit and refund.

If we are notified more than 2 weeks prior to arrival, you will receive your deposit minus the cancellation fee.  14 to 8 days prior to arrivial we will make every effort to rebook the cabin, but if we cannot your deposit is non-refundable.

For cancellations within 7 days of your arrival date or no shows,100% of the reservation amount will be charged to your credit card. 

Except for the Month of October, you may move your reservation 2 weeks prior to your stay to another available date.

CANCELLATIONS During COVID 19: If you are experiencing COVID symptoms inside of the 7 day cancellation cut off, please do not come to the Inn.  We will work with you during these uncertain times and will refund your deposit with a gift certificate which never expires.  Normal cancellation policies will apply when the COVID 19 pandemic is over.

THIS B&B IS A NON SMOKING FACILITY. There is a $250.00 cleaning fee For guests who smoke inside the cabin or cottages. Smoking is permitted outside however, tossing your cigarette butts into the yard is not.

VISITORSRobinwood Inn DOES NOT allow registered guests to have outside visitors of any kind over to their cabin during their stay.  NO EXCEPTIONS.   Please understand that your visitors have not agreed to the Inn policies, read the rules, or placed their credit card on file.  The Robinwood Inn hopes to facilitate a safe, peaceful, quiet, retreat atmosphere for all registered guests.  Having unregistered visitors over to your cabin and or exceeding occupancy limits may result in eviction without refund.

The Inn does not allow large groups for gatherings of any kind (birthday or grad party, large family groups, reunions, staging area for wedding party, etc.)   If you want to have a gathering at the Inn....You must make prior arrangements with the Innkeepers and rent all four places out of fairness to other guests.

HOT TUB RULES:  Children under 18 are not permitted in the outdoor hot tubs.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  There will be a $75.00 extra cleaning fee if anything is added to the water such as: fragrance oils, bubbles, or floating candles or any other debris placed in the tub that could damage filter or pumps. There will be a $125.00 cleaning fee in the case that the water has to be emptied and refilled prior to another guest checking in.

PETS: The Studio and Maybelle's Cabin allow up to two sociable pets for a $30 fee.  If you have not paid the pet fee please go back and add "bring your best friend" to your order.  Your pet must be friendly towards all other animals and people.  If they are aggressive or do not get along with other animals and people, please do not bring them to the Inn.  Bringing pets to non-pet friendly cabin (Treetop Loft or The Greenhouse Flat) will result in a $30 cleaning fee and immediate evection with no refund.  Pet owners must follow all rules including but not limited to:  Crate your dog when it is alone in your cabin, leash them when outside, clean up after them in the yard, keep them off furniture and out of beds.  Any damage will be charged to the card on file. 

FIREPLACES AND FIREWOOD: Indoor fires are permitted October 1st through March 15th only.

Complementary firewood is subject to availability and is not guaranteed. When available, complimentary firewood is provided from November 1st until March 1st in the amount of 1 wheelbarrow load (approx. 24+ pieces) per two-night stay.  This is enough to have a nice fire both nights of your stay.  If you want to burn all day and night you must purchase more in town or from the Inn for $20 per load. TRANSPORTING FIREWOOD ACROSS COUNTY LINES IS NOT RECOMMENDED OR ENCOURAGED BY THE INDIANA DNR OR ROBINWOOD INN.  We do not provide kindling, newspaper or fire starter logs;  Please bring your own!  For the safety of all visitors, guests must follow all fireplace rules provided in the cabin; failure to do so may result in immediate eviction without refund. 

No indoor fires are permitted March 16th through October 1st. 

PERSONAL ITEMS left behind at Robinwood Inn:  The Robinwood Inn is not responsible (financially or otherwise) for personal items accidentally left at the Inn.   If you have forgotten personal items at the Inn you may: 1) return to the Inn at a time prearranged with the Innkeepers to claim your item (providing we recovered it).  2) Pay to have your items shipped back to you at our convenience.  We can charge your credit card providing we have one on file or you can send a prepaid envelope or box to The Robinwood Inn.  Please include your name, item, and return address on the envelope or box.

Robinwood Inn Pet Policy

Pet Rules

I understand that up to 2 sociable pets are allowed at Robinwood Inn, providing that pet(s) are friendly, and get along with other animals; as the Inn has a variety of four legged residents (free range chickens, dogs, cats, horses, and wildlife) not to mention other guests pets.  Please do not bring your pet if it is not friendly toward other animals and people.  Agressive behavior or an attack by your pet on other people or animals will result in immediate evection without a refund.

I understand my dog(s) should be kept on a leash, out of respect for the other guests, the safety of resident animals (chickens), and to save myself a chase though the Brown County woods.

I understand that under no circumstances is my pet allowed on the furniture or in bed.

I will not let my pet(s) "swim" in Robinwood water features, hot tubs or jacuzzi baths, and will not wash my pet in cottage bath tubs. (ask the Innkeeprs for a hose).

I will crate my dog when it is left alone in the cottage or cabin.

I will clean up after my dog and not leave "presents" on Robinwood grounds for the innkeepers or our future guests.

I understand that there is a pet fee of $30.00 for up to two pets. Additional pets must be cleared with Robinwood Inn and shall require an extra fee of up to $30.00.

I understand that for larger groups renting multiple units that a pet fee will be assessed for each cottage which the pet enters. I will understand that I need to limit my pets access to one cottage or I will be charged a $30.00 pet fee for each cottage my pet enters.

I understand that as a pet owner I am responsible for all injuries, damages or excessive cleaning caused by my pet(s) stay at Robinwood Inn. All injuries, damage repairs, or extra cleaning will be charged to the credit card holder of the reservation (no matter if that person is the pet owner or not).

I have read, understand, and agree to all Robinwood Inn policies.